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28mm Review: em-4 Miniatures, Japanese

em-4 Miniatures has a very eclectic inventory, but this review will concentrate on the small yet interesting range of 28mm samurai. The range is very small, just ten miniatures, but they are unique in that they offer them as pre-painted as well!

Me being me, I ordered the unpainted ones.

The range is obviously geared towards role-players, and the miniatures are posed accordingly. Most of them are unarmoured and clearly not at home on a proper battlefield, but I find them perfectly suitable for skirmish games. Curiously one half of them are available unpainted, but I think it is the nicer looking half, so I'm not complaining.

Quality-wise I was happily surprised, as the details were very crisp and there are no dodgy body proportions. They were a joy to paint.

If you forgive an obviously fantasy-style character or two, you'll probably have few complaints about the historical accuracy of these miniatures. They are on the heroic character side, but not in an off-putting way. It is hard to place them on a timeline since they are rather generic in style. If you are aiming roughly at 16th century or so, they should do fine.

Size comparison between em-4 and Perry Miniatures
Size comparison between em-4 and Perry Miniatures

The em-4 miniatures look shorter than the Perry miniature in this comparison, but it has more to do with stance than actual height. The ranges mix quite well since they have rather realistic proportions.

Overall I think the range is small but sweet. They are cheap for single metal miniatures, and are a nice addition to any collection. Most of all I would advice people who look for miniatures for a role-playing game or a small skirmish game to take a look, as these can fill your need to get a handful of heroes or villains without buying entire packs of miniatures.

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The horses used by the samurai had an average height at only around 130 cm, and could barely come up to 7-9 km/h when carrying an armoured samurai.
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