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6mm samurai

6mm scale has some obvious advantages:it's affordable to build historical armies with a low ratio of miniature to actual soldiers present, it's easy to store them, and you get a very nice mass visual appeal even after painting just a few bases. What people often don't know, however, is that it is actually very simple and fast to paint 6mm samurai compared to other scales. Later on I'll put up some simple tutorials for painting 6mm samurai armies, but for now I can just tempt you with some work in progress pictures of my own armies. All of these are from the excellent range available from Baccus 6mm:

I started out with painting infantry. I'm using standard basing for DBA/FoG, but they could be used for games like Killer Katanas 2 also with a bit of imagination. They were painted up as two different parts of the Takeda clan.

6mm is the scale where painting horses isn't actually a complete chore anymore

Some generals, leading infantry around.

Some ashigaru archers and spearmen, this time from the Tokugawa clan.

This is the standard camp that you can buy from Baccus 6mm. However, with some isolation foam, metal wire and foliage, it's simple to make something like this:

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2013-02-17 New Review
I uploaded a new review, this time covering the 28mm Ashigaru Missile Troop box from Wargames factory.

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The Bushido ("Code of the warrior") was developed during the peaceful Edo period when the samurai had become mostly state administrators, writers and artists and most of them had never fought in battle.
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