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Converting samurai "dragoons"

Converted "dragoons".
Converted "dragoons".

This is a very simple conversion I made to get something special for the army: gunpowder samurai cavalry. The idea is not as outlandish as it might sound at first, as dragoon-like behaviour among samurai turned up around the end of the 16th century. Given that the samurai were originally horse archers, it was not so foreign for them to use horses to increase mobility. However, unlike in my slightly fantasyish rendition, they would dismount to fire, and they would be carrying normal arquebuses, not large cavalry pistols from Europe!

The "conversion" is just a simple weapon swap of a set of spear-armed mounted samurai from Perry Miniatures. I chuck away the spears and replaced them with cavalry pistols, which you can conveniently buy separately from The Assault Group. If you want your dragoons to be slightly more historical, you can model the arquebuses attached to the saddles. Or, you can do like me and make them look like something straight out of Bonanza! Yeehaw!

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2013-02-17 New Review
I uploaded a new review, this time covering the 28mm Ashigaru Missile Troop box from Wargames factory.

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The reason why the samurai class shaved their the top of their heads is for helmet to fit more easily when they go into battle.
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