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<p>54mm scale samurai from Pegaso Models</p>

54mm scale samurai from Pegaso Models

Miniature modelling and painting often seem impossible until you learn how: by learning a specific technique, finding the right materials or seeing an explanation step by step. On this page I collect a few things that I have learned through painting and modelling samurai miniatures. My hope is that it can be useful to other people, both those new to samurai painting and those who just want to see other approaches to the subject.

Several of these first tutorials covers buildings made before I planned to make online tutorials, so the number of pictures available is a bit lacking. I plan to re-visit these topics and document the progress in a more comprehensive way, but until then I leave them up for you to decipher.

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2013-02-17 New Review
I uploaded a new review, this time covering the 28mm Ashigaru Missile Troop box from Wargames factory.

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Jimmu, meaning "the Divine Warrior", was according to legends the first Emperor of Japan around 600 B.C.
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