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The buildings sold by Mura Miniatures are made out of polyurethane resin. If you are new to working with resin there is some information that is important to know for you to not ruining your models, but more importantly, not endanger your health.

Health and Safety

Most of the time, resin is completely harmless to you. You won't be harmed by touching, painting and playing with resin miniatures. However, there is one very important exception: resin dust is dangerous for your lungs. This means that filing or sandpapering resin should only be done in well ventilated areas while wearing a particle mask.

Mura Miniature casts are done in single part moulds which means that you don't get the flash you probably know and love from metal and plastic miniatures. This means that you most likely won't encounter a need to expose yourself to resin dust. But if you for some reason find yourself holding some resin and a file, please take safety precautions.

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2013-02-17 New Review
I uploaded a new review, this time covering the 28mm Ashigaru Missile Troop box from Wargames factory.

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